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January 25, 2006
New Case of Mad Cow Disease Found in Canada

A cow in the Province Alberta, Canada, has tested positive for Mad Cow disease Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials said Monday.

Officials also stated that the six-year-old cross-bred cow did not make it into the human or animal feed chain.

“Last evening the…laboratory for BSE located in Winnipeg confirmed the presence of BSE in a cross-bred cow born and raised in Alberta,” said CFIA chief veterinarian Brian Evans. “The animal was detected on the farm where it was born and no part of this animal entered the food for human consumption or feed for animal consumption purposes.”

It is the fourth case to turn up in Canada since 2003.

Evans also stated that it is too early to tell whether or not export markets would ban Canadian cows and beef.

The United States has only seen one case of Mad Cow disease which was in 2005 when a cow tested positive for the disease. Officials later linked the isolated case to Canada because the cow was born on a farm in Alberta.

Source : Only Idol