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January 23, 2006
Washington : Dog Saves Sheep From Barn Fire

Diane Pagel and her husband, Jeff Freeman, thought they lost everything in a barn fire, including family photo albums, one-of-a-kind guitars, three vehicles and more.

They also thought they lost 20 prized sheep. However, they quickly discovered that all but six of the sheep had been herded to safety by Kodiak, their guard dog.

"Sheep will go to where it is safe, and for them that was the barn," Pagel told the Associated Press, "but apparently Kodiak got them out. He was the last one out of the barn because hair has been burned on his back legs and back."

The fire started as a result of an electrical short-circuit Thursday. When firefighters arrived on the scene, the barn was engulfed in smoke and flames. They had to travel a mile for water and had to keep a propane tank cool to keep it from exploding.

Pagel said of Kodiak, "She was the Eve of my herd."

Source : All Head Line News