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Haemagglutination test

Haemagglutination is visible macroscopically and is the basis of haemagglutination tests to detect the presence of viral particles. The test does not ...more


Concentration of Free Amino Acids in Blood Plasma of Dairy Cows with developing Hepatic Steatosis

The aim of this experiment was to study the changes in free amino acid (AA) concentration in blood plasma of dairy cows developing hepatic steatosis after parturition and to establish the diagnosis by means of ...more


Methods for the detection of genetically modified organisms [G.M.O.]

Transformation of plants is done by inserting DNA into a single cell , which is then regrown into a complete organism , the plant. There are two procedures used to transform these plants...more


US flu vaccine trials may be effort wasted

The first human trials of a vaccine against H5N1 bird flu are likely to be a waste of time and money...more


Anti-cancer drugs in chicken eggs

A genetically-modified chicken whose eggs contain large amounts of a protein which can be used to treat cancer could become a commercial reality...more